International Inspection Services
Under the impetus of strong forces of globalization, the world is today dominated by a market-oriented economy. The industrialized countries undoubtedly have concerns about increasing the quantity and improving the quality of their products in which investments and development can be optimized. For excellence in business, in surveys the scene across the globe, considerable, correctly directed support assisting companies being successful and make progress. Furthermore, many new technologies will not be consumable in developing nations without a powerful local capacity in the science and engineering that underlie them.
We provide commercial services covering agricultural products and foodstuffs, fuels, ores and concentrates, minerals, ferroalloys, recycled scrap metal, metallurgic complex materials, plastics, equipment, containers etc.
We enhance quality, ensure compliance and reduce risk, helping you invest time and effort where it benefits your business most. We have maintained a dedicated, personalized attention to clients and a technological leading edge in the industry.
The company has experienced continuous growth both in size and in the variety of services it offers.
It is essential for Globalins to safeguard the impartiality of our solutions and services rendered in order to protect our credibility and brand, ensure customer satisfaction, and comply with the rules of accreditations and regulatory bodies.
We dedicate ourselves to provide an independent and professional quality and quantity inspection service to our Customers on which they rely for the protection of their interests. To achieve this, we focus on offering exceptional tailored-made customer services, to be promptly available in case of emergencies and to give advance warning when difficulties can be predicted.
Company is operated from offices in Poti and Tbilisi. Our services are available in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Our Services

We operate in
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey,
Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.


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